plage en charente maritime sur la cote atlantique

Charms of the Atlantic Coast In Charente-Maritime

Between the estuary of the Gironde and the Atlantic Ocean, the Charente-Maritime looks to the sea. Close to Le Logis du Breuil campsite in Saint-Augustin, you will indeed have a most extensive choice to go swimming. In addition to the city beaches of Royan, you can choose between the beach of La Palmyre known for its water activities such as surfing or windsurfing and the lifeguarded beach of Saint-Palais-sur-Mer which enjoys a calm sea suitable for swimming with the family. Between the sandy beaches, the coastline of Charente-Maritime gathers rocky landscapes with unusual shapes such as Saint-Palais-sur-Mer and caves dug in white cliffs near Royan. All punctuated with fishing huts on stilts, typical of this part of the Atlantic coast. A few kilometers northwards, La Rochelle welcomes you with its old port and superb aquarium. The Charente-Maritime is not limited to its beaches. Children will love the zoo at La Palmyre and its 1600 animals while history and architecture enthusiasts will not fail to admire the churches of Saintes. Not to mention the beautiful bike rides in the forest of the hinterland of Royan. .. Of course, your discovery of the Charente-Maritime would not be complete without gourmet breaks to enjoy our delicious specialities, oysters, pineau and cognac.

  • plage de Royan

    Royan Charming nostalgia

    Even though the town has to be completely reconstructed after the 1945 allied bombings, and lost its Belle Epoque heritage, Royan has managed to preserve the nostalgic charm of a traditional beach resort. The seafront with shops and apartments adds character to the town.

  • Phare de Cordouan

    Phare de Cordouan Watching over the sea

    The lighthouse of Cordouan is set on the sea, on a sand bank covered with water at high tide, looking out over estuary of the Gironde from its 66 metres height. The lighthouse was built by the end of the 16th century on the remains of a watch tower. It is an extraordinary masterwork. The climbing of the 301 steps to the lantern will be rewarded with a splendid view on the coast.

  • Plage de Saint Palais sur Mer

    Saint Palais sur Mer Stroll along the coast

    The beach resort of Saint-Palais-sur-Mer in the Charente-Maritime is known for its fine sand beaches, but also for its ‘carrelets’ (fisherman’s huts on stilts) and rocks with surprising forms, that created many legends, such as the Pont du Diable and the Roche du Moine. You can discover them along the coastal path.

  • Château de la Roche Courbon

    Château de la Roche Courbon Renaissance castle

    The Renaissance castle of La Roche Courbon is set on a spur and got its current appearance during the 1st century, when the castle was changed to a manor by the Marquis De Courton. Even though the completely furnished interior offers a look into history, the castle is mainly known for its gardens that received the label of "Jardins remarquables" (remarkable gardens).

  • Vue sur la mer Ile de Ré

    Ile de Ré An island to cycle

    The narrow and long island île de Ré is very charming thanks to its long, fine sand beaches with dunes and the villages with white houses, coloured shutters and hollyhocks. The island is covered with tens of kilometres of cycle paths that cross the vineyards and salt marshes (ornithology reserve) and can therefore be discovered by bike. From the Phare des Baleines lighthouse, you have an extraordinary view, and the harbour of St-Martin-en-Ré has managed to keep its 17th century charm, when Vauban was missioned to fortify the town.

  • Plage Ile d'Oléron

    Ile d'Oléron The biggest island of the Atlantic Coast

    The île d'Oléron is the biggest island of the Atlantic Coast. It spreads over a length of 30 km and a width of 6 km. The island has managed to preserve its unspoilt nature with vast forests and sand beaches that are scattered with oyster parks. The villages with white houses have an extraordinary nostalgic character. Between the colourful landscapes with rose-bays and Tamarix you’ll find windmills here and there.

  • Rue de Mornac

    Mornac One of the most beautiful villages of France

    The oyster village of Mornac, set on the banks of the Seudre river, is listed as one of the most beautiful villages of France. This village with white facades, green and blue shutters and streets filled with hollyhocks is a beautiful place with extraordinarily preserved heritage.

  • Golf de Royan

    Golf course of Royan Playing golf near the ocean

    The golf course of Royan is considered to be one of the most beautiful golf courses of the west of France. Besides the technical assets, the golf course is set in a beautiful environment, at the heart of the forêt de la Courbe, between the pine trees and the dunes. On some parts of the course, you can see the ocean and even the lighthouse of Cordouan. Besides the 18-hole course you’ll also find a 6-hole course, a pitch and putt of 9 holes and a practice. But also an excellent restaurant with view on the green.

  • Port bateau La Rochelle

    La Rochelle Harbour along the Atlantic coast

    The harbour of La Rochelle looks out on the Atlantic Coast and has considerably contributed to the wealth of the town from the end of the 15th century and the development of the trade with Canada. From this time, the town has managed to keep beautiful heritage, with refined houses and parks. The old harbour, with its two high towers, is the tourist site of the town. The terraces of the bars and restaurants are lively during the summer and offer you an excellent spot to taste seafood.

  • Arène de la ville de Saintes

    Saintes Town of Art and History

    Saintes shows somewhat southern features thanks to the streets with plane trees and the houses with white tiles. It is definitely worth a visit for the impressive historical and architectural heritage. The town’s history dates back from Antiquity. The Romans have left one of the oldest amphitheaters here and during the Middle Ages the Abbaye aux Dames was built; an extraordinary Romanesque abbey.

  • Bateaux sur la rive à La Tremblade

    La Tremblade Oyster town

    La Tremblade, with its 25 kilometres of ‘Pavillon Bleu’ beaches set behind a 8000 ha pine tree forest, is a lovely town. The beach resort, ideal for the practise of water sports, is also known for its oysters and picturesque oyster harbour.

  • Calèche a Ile d'Aix

    Ile d'Aix Island of nature

    At 20 minutes from the coast (ferry from Fouras), the île d'Aix offers you an outing in nature, far away from the cars, between the hollyhocks, cypresses and pine trees. The coast is formed by creeks of fine sand, and is ideal for angling or swimming in a friendly environment. You’ll not only find nature on the island as the fortresses and the fortified town used to serve as defense of the town of Rochefort. The île d'Aix can only be visited by foot, by bike or by carriage.

  • Cognac

    Cognac Visit the Cognac cellars

    Rendue célèbre pour son eau de vie, Cognac niche sur les berges de la Charente. Les chais des principaux producteurs de Cognac vous ouvrent leurs portes afin de vous dévoiler les secrets des alambiques et des tonneaux. Un musée des Arts du Cognac complète parfaitement ces visites en vous présentant avec plus de 1000 objets l'histoire du Cognac.

  • Maison a Talmont

    Talmont Old peninsula

    On this narrow piece of land on the sea, a change of scenery is guaranteed. From the main square, passing a few trees and the rue de la Porte de la Ville, you’ll get to what used to be a citadel during the Middle Ages, an ‘enclosed town’. The beach plage du Veillon offers two kilometres of fine sand beaches behind the forest and along the coast of Talmont.

  • elephant Zoo de la Palmyre

    Zoo de La Palmyre Animal park in the dunes

    The 14 ha of the zoo of La Palmyre are spread amidst the dunes of La Palmyre. A visit to this beautiful animal park will take you along more than 1600 animals and 110 species from all over the world. Besides the various areas where you can see the animals, you can also enjoy various shows, in particular the sea lion show and the parrot show.

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